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Lapel Pins

We're here to help you find the right custom lapel pin for your specific needs. Choose from the categories below. If you need help, filling out a quote form or give us a call and we can walk you through the process.


Custom Lapel Pins

Custom Company Logo Pins

Custom company logo pins offer a low cost solution for trade shows and conventions. Companies use pins to reward and recognize safety or achievments. Sport Clubs and non-profits use custom pins for members, trading and events. Our company has sold millions of pins to thousands of customers.

Custom Enamel Metal Badges

A lot of people call pins, badges. Our industry has a lot of jargon and several product names that people use are incorrect. So if you want enamel badges or metal finish pins or even police badges, we can help.  We've made custom enamel badges for police, fire, tribal police and security. We are a Canadian company and our owner has been in the business nearly 20 years.

Customized Pins

We've been turning logos and ideas into customized pins for over a decade. Simply contact us with your idea and we'll turn it into a beutiful customized pin. Perfect for clubs, non-profits and companies.

Some people call the label pins, pin buttons or even badges. Our industry called them lapel pins. This refers to the place where you pin them - on the lapel of your jacket.


The 411 On Pins

  • The lowest priced pins are PRINTED, followed by SOFT ENAMEL and then HARD ENAMEL
  • Selecting the right pin process depends on your design complexity and your budget
  • The vast majority of our pin sales use the hard enamel or soft enamel process
  • Pin pricing depends on: size, quantity and process
  • Electroplate (metal) is not counted as a color
  • Most logo pins are between .75" and 1.25"
  • Art services are free of charge
  • Click on a pin type to inquire or purchase

Confused? Call 1-866-661-9696 or use our form to inquire

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