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TEL: 866.661-9696  | Located in Squamish, BC | Hours of Operation: 9am - 5pam, Monday to Friday | Operators 24/7 




  • Ultimate Promotions has a diverse clientele from all over North America & sells on both sides of the border in both currencies
  • In February 2012, we aquired Juniper Emblems Ltd from Alberta which makes us one of the largest suppliers of lapel pins and medals in Western Canada
  • We don't make anything at our office. We rely on over 20,000 suppliers from across North America.
  • Started in 2002, Ultimate Promotions has grown into a spiffy organization that prides itself on service, creativity and great ideas.
  • We don't like the color beige!
  • Ultimate Promotions is owned by a hip, young couple from Squamish, BC, Canada - Craig Davidiuk & Courtney Driver
  • Craig was nominated "Business Person of the year" by the Squamish Chamber of Commerce in 2006

About Us

We've been helping our customers find "just the right" gift for over 8 years. Our philosophy is simple. Most people like the feeling of dealing with a small town operation where you get treated with respect and feel valued as a customer. Likewise it would be great if this same place had the sophistication and creativity of an urban operation. We try to balance the online capabilities of our large online competitors but offer the same service and relationship building that goes on in a smaller shop. We look for win-win situations and focus on customers who desire superior product knowledge and a high level of service. Sure, we'll compete on price but we also want you to value the work we do for you. We like our jobs a lot and we seek customers who are fun to work with.  We look for loyal customers who want to work with us long-term. At Ultimate Promotions, you can expect intelligent suggestion, ideas, opinions and fun!

"The Idea Guy"

Craig Davidiuk was introduced to the promotional industry as a kid through his family's lapel pin and medal manufacturing business in Alberta. In the early 90's he heeded the call to 'go west, young man' and a move to Vancouver, BC garnered him a diploma in Media Resources from Capilano University. Stints as an educational video producer and graphic designer in Vancouver during the late 90's, exposed him to other aspects of the advertising industry and creative community. Lured by mountains, fresh air, and scenic vistas Craig departed the city and moved to Squamish, BC where he started Ultimate Promotions in 2002 as a purely online business with a focus on the ad agency, sport, and government markets. Fast forward to today, he's still busy helping all kinds of people scratch their promotional itch with unique imprinted gifts and clothing! An avid traveler, cyclist, and DJ, "Craiger" is a larger than life dude who is a 3rd generation entrepreneur. For professional information, view Craig's LinkedIn profile.

"The Idea Babe"

After various adventures in food service, make-up for film, banking, and teaching English in China, Courtney Driver whirled into Craig's life in 2006. It was love at first sight and they were married a year later. Her strengths are her sense of humor and her creativity - she will add color to your day and your promotion. In her spare time Courtney spins fire and hoop dances. Courtney's favorite color is purple.

"The Veteran"

Verna Strynadka has been working with the Davidiuk family for nearly 17 years. Some would call that insane but recently she made the choice to stick with us as owners Craig and Courtney purchased Juniper Emblems from his parents. Verna is another expert on all things pins and medals. You can connect with her on Linked In. Verna works remotely from Comox, BC.

"Graphics Girl"

Shannon Sealock is another recent addition to the Ultimate family. Shannon is part of the graphics team headed up by owner Craig Davidiuk. She has a flair for design and her unflappable positivity keeps her cool under pressure.  Shannon also works on our facebook pages and web sites.

"The Number Cruncher"

Sharon Fields is kind of like crazy glue - she holds everything together around the office so Courtney and Craig can focus their creative energy on our awesome customers. She manages the paperwork, deciphers numbers, spell checks, organizes shipments and really knows how to use a tape gun. She really likes to organize things and she appreciates a good cup of coffee. When taking a break from organizing the world against the evil forces of KAOS, Sharon can be found hiking trails with her Australian Sheppard, Kaos.

Bella the Dog

Bella is part German Sheppard and is thought to have a slice of wild coyote in her. Bella keeps Courtney's feet warm at work and accompanies Craig on mountain bike rides and hikes. On occasion, she takes off on her own adventures and has shown a Houdini-like ability to escape a number of kennels, yards and houses. Like her owners, she isn’t very good at sitting still for long.

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